Destination marketing advice

Good marketing advice is delivered through a number of steps. From analysis, to setting goals, formulating the right marketing strategy, preparing the marketing plan, identification of the costs and benefits right for the project . Atlas Marketing has experience in this process. It should be practical, efficient and feasible, so plans don’t end up in a drawer but provide an innovative plan that defines the purpose and steps to achieve the goal. In addition to developing  the plan, we have a hands-on approach to help implement the plan .

Sales service

Marketing plans need to be supported by sales activities. Atlas Marketing knows the Dutch and International hospitality and leisure industries, so knows your audience. Not with a shotgun approach or with big marketing campaigns but clear and concise sales-oriented actions. Our activities are measurable so you can see the contribute to your success.

PR management

Every valuable media story (online/offline) is created by good PR management. PR management is about establishing and maintaining good relationships with the media. This is especially true in the digital age, where anyone can find a forum to voice their opinion. Atlas Marketing works honestly and always in the interest of the relationship. We are creative and always looking for the right ‘ tone of voice ‘ to stand out from the others.

Full service representation

Our most extensive service is full representation in the Benelux, German or English market. Your destination has its own unique proposition – we will work with you to define this proposition and promote it to your specific target market. This target market is defined from thorough marketing analysis. This not only leads to more visitors but to new ambassadors: satisfied visitors who enthusiastically  spread the word about you destination.

if you want to be visible in the Benelux, German or English market, to know what the latest developments are,  to have your product actively sold and use the media to increase the brand recognition of your product –  our full service representation is the right choice for you.